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How To Capture Your Mom's Legacy With Questions

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Jul 11, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Smiling-family-with-grandparents-album-LR.jpgWhen we look at our Moms, they may seem to have only occupied that one position forever. But the fact is that there is so much more to their personality and background than just being a mother. Why not capture that legacy by asking them some well-chosen questions? Even if her senior years have brought with them some memory loss, she can likely still recall much about her early days. Here are a few questions to get you started.

  • What was it like in your hometown? You might know where your Mom grew up. But find out what the atmosphere was like and how it affected her. Whether city, country, or in-between, a person's environment can definitely affect their personality.
  • Did you always want to be a (insert her career)? Some of us choose an occupation at the age of 10 and pursue it with all our might. Ask if your Mom's job was her goal or just incidental to her circumstances.
  • What were my grandparents like? If they are no longer around, your Mom will enjoy talking about her fond memories of them. And you'll get a chance to discover more about the two people who cared for the one who nurtured you.

Although these questions might seem basic, they will open up the door to endless information. She'll be grateful that you care enough about her life to inquire.

At Caring Senior Service, our expert staff is comprised of extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and trusted professionals who take pride in helping your loved one manage their daily activities. Contact us today to learn more!

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