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Bed Rails and Bad Dreams: Keep Austin Seniors from Falling out of Bed

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Mar 6, 2017 2:42:35 PM

Learn how you can help keep Austin seniors from falling out of bed and protect your elderly loved one. Check out the video below.

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Six important facts you should know about The Key Elements of an elderly fall risk assessment

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Dec 22, 2015 5:30:00 PM

When it comes to the key elements of an elderly fall risk assessment, you don't want to go in sight unseen. Indeed, here are six rather important things to know when you are considering potential fall risks in any environment.

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The Top 5 Slip Resistant Shoes for Active Seniors

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Dec 8, 2015 5:30:00 PM

Seniors are at a greater risk of falling and suffering an injury than most of the population, especially after age sixty-five. But did you know that just by making sure that the shoes for seniors are slip resistant, safe and suitable can reduce the chances of a fall? 

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Dementia-Related Drugs may Contribute to Elderly Falls

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Nov 24, 2015 5:30:00 PM

Aging adults that suffer from dementia face a complex set of symptoms including problems with speech, understanding and memory loss. It is a progressive disease where the decline appears more rapidly in some patients than others. A secondary effect of dementia is frequent falling, in which the chances are up to five times more likely for dementia patients than other seniors.

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3 Common Vision Problems that Cause Senior Falls!

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Nov 10, 2015 5:30:00 PM

Poor balance, muscle weakness and medical issues are commonly known to cause falls in elderly adults. However, vision problems can also be a culprit. Since many vision problems can be corrected it is important to identify them and prevent subsequent falls. Consider the following 3 common vision problems that cause senior falls.

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Senior Safety Tips: Decluttering Homes To Prevent Falls

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Oct 20, 2015 5:30:00 PM

Our home should be a safe haven. This is one of the reasons that, as seniors feel the effects of limited mobility, they gradually spend more and more time at home. In order for them to actually be safe at home, though, we must help to declutter their homes to prevent falls. 

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What to Do When Your Elderly Mom Keeps Falling out of Bed

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Oct 6, 2015 5:30:00 PM

If your elderly mother keeps falling out of bed, take this simple steps to keep her safe. A bad fall can break bones and can cause life threatening repercussions. The first step to preventing your mother from falling out of bed is to determine if she is rolling out of bed while sleeping or if she is falling while she tries to get up during the middle of the night. Determining this will make it easier to create a solution for your elder.

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Getting started with safe activities to do with elderly

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Sep 22, 2015 5:30:00 PM

Safe Activities to do with elderly can seem a bit daunting at first, and you may not know how to begin. So let us help; here's a guide to getting started.  You could always ask the group or individual what they would like to do.  As long as it doesn't cause your elderly friend or family member pain or discomfort then it should be full steam ahead.

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Essential Steps To Prevent Senior Falling

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Sep 8, 2015 5:30:00 PM

If you are fortunate enough to reach the seventh, eighth, or even ninth decade of your life, then you have reached a point where wisdom and experience runs abundant.  You also know that the inevitable will happen. As you age, your body will start to fail you, and falling might be on the agenda.  In order to minimize any potential falling, we have comprised a list with suggestions on how to keep seniors from falling.

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