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Why Mom & Dad Should Be Dancing to The Music

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Jun 6, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Seniors_dancing-LR.jpgDancing is a beautiful way for seniors and people of all ages to express themselves. Dancing has many benefits, and it is a way to help them smile and feel happier. Listening to music is an activity that studies show uses all of the parts of the brain.

Stimulate thoughts and help them build muscle and new skills. Music is a proven way to improve someone's mood. A smile can do a lot for their health and making day-to-day life easier for you and them. Provide a great outlet for emotions and your senior by playing music and encouraging them to move to the rhythm. People of all ages love to dance, from babies to old age, and let them develop this skill and ability to make them feel great.

Dancing is a social activity that anyone can do, whether they can sit or stand. It brings up positive memories from the past and helps your senior to feel young again. Put some music on and encourage your senior to move to the music. Dance can help your senior develop balance, helps the blood flow, and encourages independence.

Creative expression will help with stabilizing moods and gives them a hobby that lets them show off their skills and be playful. Everybody needs to have fun, and regardless of physical ability dance can help a senior build stamina and gives them a chance to have a beautiful hobby.

As you are learning to deal with the changes that aging can bring, be patient with yourself, patient with your loved one, seek advice and answers to questions, and remember you are not in this alone. Contact a Caring Senior Service team member today!

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